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Know exactly where you stand with your Maintenance and Operational financial bottom- line in order to make a more informative decision! Beacon is a tool for the top level leadership to keep track of their fiscal year budget and expenditures for the M&O operations. The system is also capable of tracking trust funds carrying over equity from previous years as well as cost recovery through recharge-based model. Graphical tools allow the administrators to see actual versus projected budget and expenses for a better cash flow management. Beacon allows for tracking of year-to-date salaries and wages, encumbrance and expenses together with projected budget transfers between departments, and keeps track of other anticipated costs for the current fiscal year period. Look at each department’s bottom-line individually or roll-up the figures to a higher level with multi-department selection criteria.


Product Features and Benefits


ØM&O FY Operational budgeting and cost control

ØKeep track of your cost recovery and energy savings rebates through trust accounts

ØBaseline budget, future budget transfers, projected and anticipated cost for each individual department and workgroup

ØKeep track of salaries and wages as well operational encumbrances and expenses

ØComplete cost accounting (Encumbrances, invoice payments and other direct charges)

ØGraphical analytical tools showing current vs. projected expenses and monthly expense trend for a better cash flow management

ØUser account control and access limitation only to assigned departments

ØMultiple departments combined reporting

ØMulti-level password and IP security access and restriction

ØBridge to other general ledger and Work order systems

ØBuilt on M&O processes and procedures

ØUser Friendly and intuitive



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