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Capital Project Management System: 

Since 1986, Logic Domain has been providing quality project management systems to Universities and Colleges throughout California.
Unlike other project management tools that are available in the market place, our Capital Project Management System (CPMX) has been designed side-by-side with Facility Planning, Design and Construction teams across several campuses.

This custom-tailored project management tool has been designed to address the needs of California Community College Districts and the University of California system. CPMX highlights include the following:

•Ease-of-use: The ability for Project Managers (PM’s) to rollup multiple projects in one report.
•To control projects: Through detail tracking of budgets, cost and scheduling activities and sharing reports with peers and board members.
•Customizable: CPMX is fully customizable to meet the needs of the management and leadership within the campus organization.

It's Project Management from the Owner's perspective!

Google Maps Integration into Compass V10



Google Maps Integration into Compass V10

View your entire Capital Program on Google Maps within Compass!

By simply rolling the mouse pointer on top of a balloon, you can get summary as well as detail project status report on your projects. You also have a list of projects below the map to choose from for immediate access to project information. Most non-technical users appreciate the ease-of-use and visual access to project data.












Executive Report Information



The Executive Report Menu option gives top management, such as Vice Chancellors, Directors, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction a complete overview of allocation dollars versus manpower.

Some of the strengths of the reporting features are as follows:

• Workload distribution: Can view campus-wide costs per each college.

o Manpower and scheduling: You can determine how each campus is allocating their manpower and determine how to better assist them in resource allocation.
o Budget: With CPMX, you can graphically show if the budget is on track and assist in getting back on track.

• Executive users can easily determine whether too much or not enough funding and/or manpower have been allocated to the overall capital program.
• All graphical chart reports are automatically created in PDF, creating an easy sharing platform with management.





 Project Information - Compass V10



Project Summary:

The Project Summary page serves as a “Project Dashboard”, where project budgets, funding and schedule of activities can be readily accessed.

A project manager can see the status of his/her project on-demand by simply choosing the project number from the list. All project information is nicely organized in the appropriate sections. Project Managers can easily drill-down to extract the piece of information they are looking for by simply clicking on the active links. The Project Summary page serves as the “project cabinet” where all data on each project is brought together to form one complete project summary.

The side menu to the left expands for the project manager to:
1. View all contracts,
2. View authorizations,
3. Timesheets,
4. Project status reports, to name just a few.
This allows the project manager to manage several projects efficiently. 






Project Dashboard



Viewing the Project board:

Here is the snapshot of the Project Dashboard. This dashboard, helps the PM Visualize and quickly decipher whether the project is on budget and on time.
The project dashboard provides graphical analysis of the following:

• budget balances,
• total amount encumbered,
• cash balances,
• funds received and
• Forecasted items.

The project dashboard is “On-demand” meaning the latest project information is accessible at your fingertips.










 Project Site Map



See Site Maps:

Lookup Geographically project location and scroll through available project pictures. Define current and future location look and feel. Gain a topical visual understanding of facilities space and and utility function.
















Project Comparision Thumbnail




Historical  Projects Comparision:

The multiple project comparison option allows Project Managers to utilize closed and archived project information to their advantage by calculating cost of a new building of similar type.

By simply inputting the latest Engineering News Record (ENR) / Construction cost index (CCI), you will be able to calculate how much a new project of similar type will cost to build today. In other words, it calculates future costs through inflationary ratios using prior project data.

You no longer need to guestimate! You now have actual figures from a previously closed project to ensure new project costs stay within budget!






  Budget Information Thumbnail



Prudent  Budgeting:

We have built a JCAF-32 interface into the CPMX system giving you full budgeting features for your project. CPMX is fully integrated with Fusion budgeting categories and funds received.

Currently, Fusion captures JCAF-32 at the State level for all community college districts. Logic Domain's system captures the project budget information as it is mandated by the CCCD formatted in Fusion. All budget cost breakdown, encumbrances and expenses are captured within CPMX following the appropriate funding source of Bond measures and ledger-subs of JCAF-32.

You can organize your project budget by the following:

• Sub ledgers,
• By district state, district non-state, and state funded amounts.

You can print JCAF-32 and architect cost estimate reports formatted to CCCD expense categories. (In the graphic beside this text), you can see example links below the image giving you full view of the reporting formats.


See the following Cost Estimate Samples:

1.  JCAF-32 Cost Estimate

2.  JCAF-32 Architect's Cost Estimate


Schedule Information Thumbnail



Using Our Scheduling Software:

View Schedule Report  CPMX has a full scheduling application module embedded into the system. This allows you to eliminate all other scheduling software platforms outside of CPMX. This is a big time saver. You can also export scheduling activities to excel helping you with activity reports.

CPMX also has an integrated scheduling module which allows your PMs to associate human resources to each given activity. CPMX also allows you to put a budget with that particular activity allowing concise project control.

There are scheduling reports available that gives the PMs the perspective on where their project stands with respect to time and budget.

The graphical interface (to the left) shows a comparison of the original date versus the current date. This helps you to indicate whether there are any slippages on that particular activity.

Additionally, PMs can add all types of electronic documents to each activity for future reference. Click on the link below to view the PDF generated 5-year-project schedule.















 Reports Information thumbnail





Benefits of Using Reports:

Project Managers can choose to get reports outside of the project dashboard and summary console if they so wish. There are series of consolidated reports available which include:

• Agreements
• Contracts
• Purchase Orders
• Funds to name a few

Each of these reports shows how encumbrances are being lien against the project ledger subs and the funding sources. PMs can rollup multiple funding sources into one report. All reports are automatically generated in PDF format and can be saved on the desktop for future reference or emailed to other stakeholders as an attachment.





Funding Information Thumbnail



Funding Projects Management:


Funding sources associated with the project are input into this tab. Whether its pre-project funding of non-state monies or District's discretionary funds for project initial studies, all funding information is captured on this page.

At a later point, all encumbrances and expenses of the project are associated with the list of funds entered in this section. From this information, CPMX makes available the consolidated reports on each funding source of a project.












Construction Log Thumbnail



Construction Log:

Knowing that Construction Logs is a piece of the puzzle in a construction project, we've incorporated a document control module that allows PMs to be fully in control of the following:

• RFIs,
• Submittals
• Field Order
• Change Request
• Claims and other documents associated with the construction phase of the project.

All correspondences by the Contractor and the Architect takes place through the department's website. Once submitted, emails are sent to the appropriate person/group for response. There are series of construction logs available for printing and viewing on outstanding and closed items for the Project Managers to share at construction manager's meetings.








Project Notes Thumbnail


Using Notes within your projects:


PMs can enter notes on the projects; be it minutes or future appointments. All notes are entered with a priority level and an alarm can be set to notify the PM on the next login to the CPMX system. PMs can also select and choose the notes that they like to print or save as PDF to send electronically to other project stakeholders.











Efiles Information Thumbnail



Using Our EFiles Feature:

The eFiles option allows for upload of contracts, cost proposals, and any other miscellaneous references in the electronic file format. It essentially serves as an electronic file cabinet for the project.