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Facilities Information Tour:



Welcome to Logic Domain's Facilities Inventory System tour!

The Facilities Inventory, FDX, is an information system that provides planning and management data on the existing physical plant. Specifically, the Facilities Inventory provides information on buildings, and rooms within buildings. The inventory also serves as the Facility's official record of existing space.

Each campus maintains its own inventory system. Once each year, campuses provide their inventory to the Office of the President where the data are merged into the Corporate Equipment and Facilities System. This system enables the Office of the President to perform tasks such as developing capital budget proposals, analyzing space needs, and reporting to the state on facilities for the entire University."

- Facilities Inventory Guide, University of California, Office of the President, Oakland, CA, July 1989.



The Building information page allows you to capture basic building information together with total ASF and any special notes that you want to add for future reference. Additionally, you can upload the latest picture of the building for a positive identification of the asset.

The building menu options allow you to go directly to the rooms list or see all departments currently occupying space within the building. All ASF area calculation use the formulas suggested by UCOP FIG manual.



The Room information can be reached from the building page by selecting the room number from the list. We've separated the information on this page into different sections for quick identification of the basic room information and the department occupying the space. Moreover, you can add special notes to each room for future reference as well. The recent room changes section will automatically be created anytime there is a change made to the room information. This section essentially serves as a historical archived record of room activities and its usage.




All departments fall under schools. Within FDX, Schools serve as an entity that contain departments. The School information page allows admin users to create this 'umbrella' entities which in turn allows for additional layer of information reporting.




The Department information page provide for capturing of the 12 character UCOP name as well as long name that is a true descriptive name of the department. The three sections of this page allow the administrators to store class lab size, research station size and NSF codes together with program code and the school that the department belongs to.



The Reports menu is available to all users of the system. This includes the department Deans, MSOs and anyone that has access to the system.

The reporting options allow for standard building reporting as well as multiple pre-set room reports suggested by FIG, equipment and deferred maintenance reports. Additionally, the users can create their own extract of data through adhoc reports and export the results to Excel or simply generate analytical graphs from the result set. Adhoc reporting is a user-defined report based on the search criteria.


PDF Reports


All Reports are automatically generated and viewed with Adobe Acrobat PDF. Adobe allows you to save the report to your desktop, email report to another user, do keyword searchs within the report together printing catabilities.




FDX provides 3 dimensional graphical views of how space is being utitlized. Distribution graphs are available by Room Use Code and Department in a particular building or campus-wide. Graphs can been viewed as Pie Charts, Bar Charts, and Area Charts



Campus Map


Find and view buildings by locating them on the campus map. Simply point and click the mouse on top of the building image and go directly to the building page.

Thank you for your time and interest in Logic Domain's FDX application. We hope to serve your department and campus in the near future!

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