OCH - Off Campus Housing

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The OCH System is designed with an intuitive interface that includes standard web features. Each screen is designed to function in a similar fashion. This look and feel helps to ensure that you are able to navigate and fully utilize the features of the OCH System quickly and comfortably.

The process of using this software populates a custom database, in order to greatly decrease the amount of time required to locate and advertise available housing within the local area.





  • Reduces your housing management costs by letting students and landlords do the work instead of your staff   
  • Automates the payment process, creates paperless listings and saves on mailings
  • Allows your staff to monitor and control listing approvals
  • A potential revenue generator
  • Generate reports based on market trends and monthly income
  • Maintains information on your server to protect user privacy
  • Utilize other web resources, like Google Maps