Compass :: Capital Program Management System

Lack of coordination and communication among specialists usually results in project cost overruns and delay in project delivery. In the end, it is the owners who provide the resources and call the shots, so why not take control of your project information and provide the best cloud-based system to your professionals.


Navigator :: Asset and Space Management System

NAVIGATOR can help properly manage your campus space to assure that facilities are utilized with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness. The system allows you to keep track of space utilization at the room level with detailed data collection.



Tempest :: Campus Energy Planning and Analytics

TEMPEST is the ideal tool for FD&M administrators, the utility departments, facilities management, finance and top management. TEMPEST enables budgeting, monitoring and understanding the usage and cost patterns of energy and other utilities.


BEACON :: Maintenance and Operations Budgeting System

Know exactly where you stand with your Maintenance and Operational financial bottomline in order to make a more informative decision! Beacon is a tool for the top level leadership to keep track of their fiscal year budget and expenditures for the M&O operations. The system is also capable of tracking trust funds carrying over equity from previous years as well as cost recovery through recharge-based model


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