Tempest - Campus Energy Management System

A Cloud-Based Energy Management System for K-12 School Districts, Community Colleges and Universities

Tempest is the ideal tool for FD&M administrators, utility departments, facilities management, finance departments and top management.  Utilities make up a significant portion of a school’s operating budget.  Tempest enables budgeting, monitoring and understanding the usage and cost patterns of energy and other utilities.  It allows your school district, college or university to save money on the cost of utilities through strategic energy management planning.


It is the Energy Manager’s task to gather, compile, develop and ultimately be accountable for the energy management plan.  Tempest provides a comprehensive solution for your school district’s energy management needs by setting goals, tracking progress, generating reports and streamlining the energy management program.  Tempest is integrated with our asset and space management system Navigator, thereby giving management the ability to relate usage and costs to specific buildings and rooms.  Allocation by room usage type is included.  Common Area usage along with categories like parking structures, athletic facilities and irrigation are broken out.


Effective energy management plans should include ongoing preventive maintenance and long-range capital planning.  Tempest can help implement this goal by focusing on any of the following: energy usage, steam, carbon foot print, water usage, waste water and sewage.  It captures the data from sensors, meters, billing statements and external sources.  Reports and graphical output allows management to keep track of costs, usage and comparison to budgets.  Information is available on departmental and building levels and can be rolled up level by level.


Features and Benefits

  • Management Budgeting and Cost Monitoring of Energy and Utility Usage
  • Meter, Sensor and Utility Bill Data Sources
  • Ability to Allocate Usage Factors Not Only by Room but by Room Type through Our Navigator Product
  • Common Area Break-Out Reporting, Plus General Usage, i.e. Athletic Facilities, Parking and Irrigation Areas
  • Integrated with Beacon - Maintenance and Operation Budgeting System to Pull Invoice Payments to Utility Vendors Together with Non-State Departmental Chargebacks
  • Integrated with Navigator - Space and Asset Management System
  • Ability to Upload to Other Systems or Agencies
  • Utility Usage Projections
  • Graphs and Charts on Usage and Dollars
  • Rebate Calculations
  • Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Reports by Department, by Meter, by Rooms, by Building and by Campus Through Hosted Services
  • Cloud-Based and Requires No Major Equipment Outlay
  • Multi-Level Password, IP Security Access and Restriction



Learn more about Tempest.  Download our PDF Flyer: Tempest PDF