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Consumer Mortgage Websites that Engage Borrowers

Manage & Capture New Leads

Many lending organizations are turning to consumer mortgage lending websites as a means to attract, capture and manage new leads at a lower cost while securing more business.

Today’s borrowers want easy, quick access to information via the web about home loan mortgages as well as pre-qualifications and visibility into the lending process.

Superior Borrower Experience, Increased Leads, Decreased Costs

ConsumerAssist™ enables you to place various tools and functionalities on your consumer mortgage lending website that puts the borrower in charge of searching for loans and provides them with various features to leverage. ConsumerAssist creates a highly attractive, straightforward and interactive experience for borrowers and can be conveniently accessed via the web or any mobile device, providing portability and accessibility at any time and from anywhere. This results in an increase in leads and a decrease in production costs.

OpenClose’s consumer direct mortgage lending websites include tools for borrowers like mortgage calculators, mortgage rates and updated market news feeds can be made available to the borrower, if desired. Borrowers can obtain an instant pre-qualification based on your specific products and pricing. The loan application, which is available in both long and short forms, can be filled out by the borrower and securely stored. All information can then be passed to a loan officer or customer service representative to assist the borrower and close more deals.

Custom, Borrower-Facing Web Design

OpenClose has a web development division that builds custom sites for your consumer mortgage lending website.

ConsumerAssist’s capabilities are proven to produce high-impact, robust websites for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders.  OpenClose takes consumer direct mortgage lending to the next level.

Custom Web Development

OpenClose’s custom website design will highlight your company’s unique identity and branding. This can be done for both branch and loan officer web pages, as well as mobile applications to create a more personalized experience.

Robust Decisioning Capability

OpenClose’s DecisionAssist™ mortgage product & pricing engine (PPE) can be used behind the scenes of the consumer mortgage lending website to determine precision-based eligibility and pricing for borrowers who elect to run a pre-qualification.

Current Investor Guidelines

OpenClose’s experienced Program Builders maintain up-to-date investor guidelines and pricing for you.

Investor names and loan products for consumer direct mortgage lending can easily be private-labeled as your own programs.

Conveniently and Easily Start the
Lending Process via Mobile Devices

OpenClose’s mobile lending functionality allows borrowers to access many of features that its consumer mortgage lending websites offer. Borrowers can check rates, utilize mortgage calculators, run what if scenarios, search loan programs and pricing, obtain a pre-qualification, and more. Consumers are able to conveniently apply for a loan using their mobile devices via a straightforward form. Once the consumer enters their contact information, a loan officer can immediately follow up with a phone call to convert the lead.

OpenClose’s mobile lending technology driven by ConsumerAssist™ delivers a superior consumer direct mortgage lending experience that captures and converts more leads while at the same time reducing production costs.